Everything About Fire Safety Training

In order to provide you with the highest quality service possible we take the time to go through your fire bespoke fire training courses which have been recognised by the Institution of Fire Engineers IEE. All of our courses are delivered on-site at your company’s premises to minimise your cost and entire system is proving very cost effective. We’re based in West Yorkshire but we have highly experienced Fire Brigade resource to both paid and volunteer fire departments in the entire great state of Texas!  Construction Fires Safety: safety, first aid and rescue. We’ve maintained the same exceptional

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Fire Safety Training Review

Evidence shows that too many people lack the knowledge or confidence to help someone experiencing cardiac arrest, asthma attack, seizure, choking or bleeding. Last week, Monmouth AM Nick Ramsay took part in an interactive lifesaving session at the Senedd and backed a campaign promoting first aid learning in schools. Sponsored by Conservative AM Suzy Davies, the event was organised to equip those in attendance with new skills and confidence as well as helping to raise awareness about the importance of equipping young people with practical knowledge of first aid. Mr Ramsay, along with other AMs,

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